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Email Karen Avery, AIC Director of Communications, atkavery@indianacounties.orgto request the'Tips for Success'guide. Please indicate your name, county and titlewhen you submityour email request.


Lois Endris, Floyd County Recorder

"Thank you for this terrific opportunity. I was truly honored and humbled with the results of our day with State Rep. Ed Clere. It actually left an impression with local offices of the commitment that our lawmakers DO care about local government, and the impact their votes have on us," said Floyd County Recorder Lois Endris. "Together, we can build stronger, better communities with communication such as this. This program was very well received by all, regardless of party affiliation. This is a testament of our willingness to work together to make our government be a voice for the people we serve every day."

Q & A:

What is the purpose of the program?The State and Counties Partnering for Progress Program is a job shadowing program intended to show legislators that they are welcome to spend time in county offices to learn the processes that are unique to each office. It's an opportunity for county officials to show legislators the successes AND the challenges that result from laws passed that impact county government.

What is the long-term goal of the program?The AIC created this program in an effort to help legislators and county officials enhance their efforts to collaborate on effective solutions for the delivery of county services to taxpayers. The AIC understands that it is not reinventing the wheel with this program because there are examples of legislators who have had county government experience and/or have taken the time to visit with their county officials. The State and Counties Partnering for Progress program, however, encourages more of these interactions in a very hands-on way through a learning experience that only job shadowing can provide.

Is this just a publicity stunt?The State and Counties Partnering for Progress Program is geared toward enhancing the communication between legislators and county officials on real world issues that affect county government. Any publicity that we receive is welcome to help spread the word that state legislators are welcome to stop by anytime.
More questions? Email Karen Avery atkavery@indianacounties.orgor call (317) 829-3656.

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