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The Association provides a variety of programs and services for members. The organization is strategically organized so that members can interact based on county office type and their specific region within the state of Indiana.
All of Indiana's 92 counties are members of the AIC. Membership consists of entire counties rather than individual office holders. They can be urban, suburban, or rural counties. Their sizes range from Marion County, with a population of over 750,000 to Ohio County, with a population of slightly more than 5,000. A county's membership enables its elected and appointed officials to become participants in AIC. They have the opportunity to serve as AIC officers, as members of the AIC Board of Directors and on various committees.
AIC affiliates are organizations representing individual county office holders. Individual office holders participate via representation on the Board of Directors, the Legislative Committee and several other committees which guide the AIC staff in performing their jobs. To affiliate, an organization must petition and be approved by the Board of Directors. Most affiliate groups sponsor meetings in addition to those regularly scheduled during AIC conferences.
The AIC divides the state up into six different districts. We sponsor special meetings and elect district officers in those districts.

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